Welcome :)

I’m Chelsea, with yogalovell the aim is to flow through postures as well as holding poses to help build strength and stretch our body. We will focus on connecting with our breath throughout the practice, helping the union between the mind and body for an all rounded yoga experience. Each class will end with savasana, allowing you to relax and enjoy a moment of stillness. Classes are suitable for those who are just starting out with their yoga practice and those experienced yogis looking to reconnect with their practice.

Personally, I have always turned to yoga during stressful and challenging times. When I first started to practice I only ever focused on the asana practice (physical), but over time I began to feel the benefits yoga has for my mind and started to become more interested in other areas of yoga. This is the reason I decided to become a yoga teacher - I want others to have the opportunity to explore yoga and feel the benefits it can bring to their whole life. 

I am a lover of movement and fresh air! Walking, sea dips and bike rides are my favourite things to do outside. When I get the chance, I love to go bouldering, helping me face my fear of drops (easy to climb up the wall...it’s the climb back down that freaks me out!).