Short Yoga Flows

3 videos

Short but sweet yoga practices for you to do on those days you can't quite fit in a full practice or you just fancy a little extra time on your mat.

Gentle Evening Yoga

A short 15 minute supine practice with a focus on winding down for the evening and releasing tension from our lower back and hips. Wear something cosy and lie back on your mat :)

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Dynamic Heart Pumping Flow

Let's get our whole body moving with this 20 minute dynamic flow (I know I said 15 minutes - whoops!)! It will get the heat rising, the heart pumping and the blood flowing. *Remember to always listen to your body and don't push it beyond what it is capable of right now.*

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Full Body Warm Up Yoga Practice

A short practice (just over 30minutes) to help warm up your whole body. Perfect to do before a stronger yoga practice or other exercise, as well as a stand along full body stretch. Feel into the body and the energy flowing through it!

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